Odenkan SC-02 Paint Remover


Sold in set of 8.

Odenkan Lacquer Paint

500ml container

Made in Taiwan

1. Paint Remover is suitable for removing lacquer paint from parts or cleaning off mold release from resin parts.

2. Wear gloves and a respirator in a well-ventilated area.

3. Once cleaned, shake off the excess and let the parts air dry before spraying a new coat of paint.

4. The paint remover can be reused after scooping the clear solution from the top of the container. Take care to not disturb the paint particles that have settled at the bottom of the container.

5. Place the painted parts in a suitable container. Pour the paint remover until the parts are covered. After soaking for about five minutes, start to lightly brush the surface of the parts. Do not soak plastic parts for too long!