Neodymium Magnet N52 Square Shape (10 pcs)


Powerful magnet for easy assembly of garage kits ─ ─. Buildup also holding shields and small parts!

- A magnet for easy assembly and garage kits. Ferrite magnets instead, in a powerful magnetic force neodymium magnet is called. In addition to joint use of garage kits, painted surfaces 傷Tsu
Ketakunai equipped weapon when, holding the shield, holding the ammunition. In addition to working as smoothly depending on the idea, such as the removal of armor plate, and benefits can be held without damaging the painted surface.
Unlike those of the basic embedding round, square shape because, as alive as it details
You can also. When painted, please coated and painted on Metarupuraima.
Parts necessary for everyone, but it handy to use in a pinch and you have on hand.
- Grade Square and N52.