HIQParts TWR Thruster (2 sets)


-New high-precision ground thruster parts made of new straight shape aluminum with 3 piece structure

-Detail-up parts made by turning aluminum. The TWR thruster is a cylindrical (saddle-shaped) straight type.
-It consists of 3 pieces of outer, inner and dish, and the inner and outer parts are divided, so it is easy to paint differently and enhance the completeness of the model. Cemedine [for high-grade model] adhesive or clear epoxy adhesive is recommended for mounting to the model body and bonding parts together.
-When painting, after degreasing and washing with ethanol, apply a metal primer and paint with a model paint.

-Size: Shown in the product name (the product name is the maximum outer diameter of the outer)
- Country of Origin: Japan
-Material: Aluminum substrate
-Paint recommended