HIQParts SX Thruster (2 sets)


- SV vernier successor shape [SX thrusters]. It is a shape that mimics the rocket engine bell of real
- The new model appeared in [SX thrusters] aluminum thrusters

- New model has been added to the aluminum thrusters.
- The shape that mimics the active duty of rocket engine bell is [SX thrusters].
- Is characterized by shape to draw a gentle arc, 3 is composed of parts, and has been designed to be easy to be painted of each part.
- Parts each recommends the adhesion of the epoxy bond.

- [S dish] is also simultaneous launch of optional parts that can be combined at the base of the SX thrusters.
- Dish is also can be attached to STD thrusters.
- Both products are made in Japan. With what was the aluminum material to lathe processing, it will be sold in non-colored state.