HIQParts Painting Base 3


Genuine painting base
inserted easily escape difficult specially designed goods
space-saving high-efficiency design, which is lined up to a maximum of 238 present

Genuine painting base for painting clip 5 M, painting needle . It is a
specially designed product that has holes at 1 cm intervals and is easy to insert and difficult to remove.
For shaft rods with a diameter of 2.0-2.5 mm. Commercially available toothpicks and bamboo skewers can also be used side by side within the size.
It is a space-saving and highly efficient design that can arrange up to 238 lines.
Compatible with commercially available dryers (natural convection type, about 90°C).
When there is a lot of moisture, there is a problem that moisture will affect the inside of the paper base with a paper base,
but PE foam, which has extremely low water absorption, has
the effect of suppressing the influence on the delicate environment.
It can be used as a stand for a
reuter bit depending on the size (the typical size of the reuter bit shaft is 2.34 mm).