HIQParts NC Decal 06 1/144 White


General purpose caution decal for character model. It adopts Cultograf's silkscreen printing, and even small colors develop on dark colors while printing with high definition. Also, accents with multicolor printing placed in various places will tighten the work to a precise impression. Since it cuts the margin to the limit, the clearnis layer is not conspicuous and it is becoming specifications that it is difficult to make silver ringing. If you feel that the decal is small and difficult to handle, you can slide the decal using a brushed wet brush and use the brush to absorb moisture makes it easier to handle. 
It is the 06 series that gathered designs to be used as accent, which supplements the "05 series" that contains basic designs. The upper row shows the small size, the lower row shows the medium size, and things that can be used as designs are recorded.