HIQParts JT Vernier (2 Sets)


Detail up parts (aluminum ground) for mechanical model vernier. We are proud of the thinness that is difficult with plastic and the precision unique to machine cutting. Since no gate processing is required, even beginners can get a sense of precision, and painting with metal fabrics can be done easily. A clear epoxy adhesive is recommended for bonding parts, and a low whitening instant adhesive is recommended for bonding with mounting parts. The JT series is a part based on the new jet engine used in the Boeing 787. Although it is originally operated in the atmosphere, JT Vernia does not have an intake and does not assume a jet engine. Since it is SF, please use this item with a free idea regardless of the setting.
* Product photo is a paint sample. The actual product is made of aluminum and needs to be painted

3 parts are assembled and assembled (clear epoxy adhesive is recommended for the parts. Low whitening and high viscosity instant adhesive is recommended for bonding to the model side)

Size is the maximum part diameter (the base is the maximum in JT Vernier) 5 mm to 13 mm lineup

It features a popped cone spike

Size list