HIQParts Custom Eye Decal


- Ultra-thin decals familiar with high definition and steps
- For Customs of Figure / Doll

- 1/12 Figure / Doll Custom decal series for eyes for custom users.
- Because the material is very thin, it requires more than a certain amount of technology and accustomed to handling, but it has characteristics that are familiar to curved surfaces and steps, and combines quality that approaches paint and ease of alignment.

- Also, since it is a SIJ printing method that does not produce halftone dots (mesh patterns that appear during offset printing), it also features high-definition printing with colorful multicolor printing.
- Decals are 1/12 snug size, and those that are reduced by 10% and expanded by 10% are recorded, and you can choose the one that fits according to the size of the head part.
- Product specifications may change without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
- For details on how to paste etc, please see the official blog in detail.

Made in Japan