HIQParts CND Decal Alphabet


The CND decal series is a 
universal alphanumeric water transfer type decal series. 
"CND" is an abbreviation for condence typeface. 
This typeface is used 
stuffing letters in a limited space , with aspect ratios considerably longer than ordinary font balances . 
When arranging letters side by side and wishing to put a decal, 
even if the number of characters increases, it will 
be useful not to excessively lengthen sideways . Also, 
since it is not a font that was stretched or shrunk by applying deformation (long body etc.) to 
letters, it will be 
finished in a modern atmosphere without breaking the shape of letters . 

Water transfer type decal with silk screen printing with dark color. In glossy finish, 
the turbidity of the clear coat layer is not conspicuous, 
" Glossy correspondence" gross decal.



You can rearrange and use within the same series

CND decals are divided into letters, numbers and goods. 
Except for the smallest number, there 
are patterns of the same size, so you can use them in any string. 
At the time of rearrangement, the overcoat layer (clear layer) becomes 
an obstacle to the character stuffing, so please trim the 
overcoat layer with 
scissors as much as possible .