HIQParts Clear Decal TH


Excellent toner fixing! Self-acting decal paper For laser printers
Ultra-thin specifications that easily fit on steps and curved surfaces.
It has high transparency and is ideal for gloss finishes such as car models.

This decal paper allows you to make your own decals using a household laser printer or ALPS MD printer (discontinued). This paper is used by creating data with PC software and printing it. The feature is that the transparent layer is thinner and softer than the conventional product, and it has become more familiar with the steps. In addition, the ink fixing rate during printing has been improved. Since the transparent layer is made of a highly transparent material, it can be used for gloss finishing without worrying about turbidity when used in car models.

How to use after printing

Cut out the part to be used with scissors, soak it in water for a few seconds, and when the water soaks into the back side, move it onto a cloth. When the mark part is peeled off from the paper and can be slid, slide it on the object with tweezers and a brush and paste it. After it is completely dried, coat it with clear paint for models in several times. The decal fixer makes it easier to slide the decal and strengthens the glue.

Recommended printing settings For
laser printers

* Check with EPSON and BROTHER

Recommended printing settings For

MD printers * Sublimation printing is not supported