HIQParts Accent Decal A


It is the same use as caution decals, but it is a decal limited only to accent marks. 
Since there is no character string, it does not damage the scale feeling from a small model to a large model and it 
can be used as an accent mark. The first bullet is "The Maru", a lot like 
things that can be used to replace small caution marks, 
narrow circular shapes that fit round joint parts, and so on. 
Silk screen printing system that colors beautifully even on dark colors. 
It is a new series of detail-up decals best suited for accents for both colors and patterns. 

* It can be used in combination with the optional "RB caution decal series", but since the 
printing method is different, the accent decal 
has less influence of the background color and the color tends to be vivid.

Accents Decal A

Size Chart

Accents Decal A

Combination example with CND number decal white sold separately