HIQParts 1/100 RB03 Caution Decal One Color


-[Exquisite] -themed caution decal
-Detailed printing brings out a sense of precision!

--Water transfer type general-purpose caution decal for mechanical models.
――The main focus is on standard designs with the decorations removed (accented designs with decorations are included in [RB02]).

--The [One Color] series, which uses only one basic color, is ideal for creating a refreshing image.
――It is a gloss decal that makes the clear coat layer less noticeable when it has a glossy finish.
――Because the decal is thin and small, please use a brush if it is difficult to handle.
――Slide the decal with a water-soaked face-to-face brush, and use the brush to make it easier to handle even when absorbing water.

--1/100 Notation size 110mm x 235mm
- made in Japan