HIQParts 1/100 RB01 Caution Decal


New classic lineup 
water transfer caution decal that contributes to improving completeness

Water transfer type general purpose caution decal for character model. 
It is the main color in front of the color name in the product name. 
In the case of white & red, it 
is a decal mainly made of white and accented with red. 
It is a gross decal of "sharpening correspondence". 
At the time of glossy finish, the turbidity of the clear coat layer is not conspicuous The 
decal is thin and small, so please use the brush when it is difficult to handle. 
Slide the decal with a face brushed with 
water and use the brush to absorb moisture makes it easier to handle.



Small size that can also be used for small mechanisms

It is a new series that newly drew up a small size mark, assuming pasting to a small mechanism. 
The image is a sample of the white version. Please refer to the product image for the actual product.



Evolution into a design that produces a more precise sense

Font, which is used to design 
the shape of the accent 
by repeating the prototype 
evolution in design to produce a more precise sense. 
The top was 
made with the rule of the previous caution mark . 
The one on the bottom green back is an example of the 
"RB" series. 
The image is a sample of the white version. 
Please refer to the product image for the actual product.



Multi color printing

An example of multi color lineup. Multicolor specification 
combining two colors of basic color and accent color 
finish to a precise impression 
and contribute to improvement of completeness. The color of the decal used above 
to avoid the same 
color depends on the color used for the base . 
Please refer to the image.