Decal Squeegee


It's not a "point" but a "face". 
Water transfer decal sticking support tool.

A dedicated tool to assist in the attachment of water transfer decals.  It is suitable for removing the water in the lower layer of the decal, wiping off the surface moisture, suppressing it, and wiping off unnecessary glue after drying.


Sponge is made of hydrophilic resin. Because it is a soft material, it is easy to apply force uniformly, and it is recommended for the work to adjust the decal to the curved surface. Because it touches decals with "faces" instead of "points", it is possible to apply even greater force. It also excels in the ability to follow curved surfaces and works well when pasting large decals. The shaft is made of aluminum and lathe processed. It is optimized to make it easy to turn the shaft by hand.

How to use

Use the sponge material by rolling it on the surface before the attached decal dries . 
Adjust the moisture appropriately by squeezing the sponge or letting the cloth suck. 
In addition, please remove moisture after use.

Straight side. Because there is an axis to the end of the sponge, you can stick firmly by pressing.

For fine work and pushing into grooves, use the slanted side.