AX-050 ILM Armour Grey 30ml


We are very proud of this colour, a beautiful rich Grey/Blue that was matched direct from a production made screen-used ILM model, though not an AT-ST we spotted it's similarity to the unusual Grey that they used on the ROTJ AT-ST studio models. AX-050 ILM Armour Grey Acrylic Paint has a very unique hue that switches from Grey to a very blue grey and even slight green in certain lighting, much like all the reference there has been over the years of the Production made models. Also used on Pyro Y wings, A-Wing Cockpit and we believe on the Medical frigate and other models from the ROTJ era. A genuine production used Grey paint with an unknown origin and only available through us in a beautiful matt finish.

To be thinned with Archive-X AX-ATR thinner for airbrush use. Ratio's vary from colour to colour with an average of 70/30 paint to thinner.

Thin's with water for brush use.