AX-026 1975 D&H Caboose Red 30ml


Recently discovered to be the actual red used on the ESB Fett Helmets painted by Joe Johnson for The Empire Strikes back, finally dispelling years of guesswork and trial and error, we have the definitive Fett Red. AX-026 1975 D&H Caboose Red 30ml Acrylic Paint can also be used for the base colour of the ROTJ A-wing fighter. On the A-wing, we discovered that less is more as this is a very rich dark red, but painted thinly like the studio scale ILM model over Reefer White it lays on a perfect Red/Pink Hue that once misted with the greys looks identical to the work ILM did on this beautiful model. A true Star Wars colour through and through. A possible colour for the older pre Jedi Tantive 4 model.

To be thinned with Archive-X AX-ATR thinner for airbrush use. Ratio's vary from colour to colour with an average of 70/30 paint to thinner.

Thin's with water for brush use.