AX-009 1975 SP Lark Light Grey 30ml


One of the nicest and well used colours by ILM during the making ion the original Trilogy, AX-009 1975 SP Lark Light Grey Paint is one of the nicest weathering, blast and dirt colours you will ever use. Believed to be an ESB Falcon panel and weathering colour, it is also used across the models as weathering and general dirt. IT has a beautiful grey but slightly green hue to it and is one of our favorites for Star Wars modeling. Again, this is a colour that shifts hue as it gets older in the Floquil range and we hope to have captured a lovely version here as it appeared in jars in the mid 70's.

To be thinned with Archive-X AX-ATR thinner for airbrush use. Ratio's vary from colour to colour with an average of 70/30 paint to thinner.

Thin's with water for brush use.