AX-004 Light Grime 30ml


A slightly lighter version of the original Dark Grime colour used on nearly all ILM production models. This lighter version is perfect for the base coat of an ESB Millennium Falcon and is quickly becoming the standard for all Falcon Builders. Light Grime paint is about 8% lighter than the standard Dark Grime colour but not distorted by the use of Reefer White to lighten it, it's a genuine Floquil hue. Grime is one of the colours that shifted hue many times over the years when in production by Floquil. Light Grime is perfect for weathering and panel colours on many of the ships and costumes and is correct to the ESB (Deagastini) Falcon. Many believe due to miss information that Tamiya AS-20 is correct to the ESB Falcon, if you really want an authentic looking Flson in your collection you won't go wrong with Light Grime.

We recommend 3-4 bottles for base coating a studio scale ESB Millennium Falcon.

To be thinned with Archive-X AX-ATR thinner for airbrush use. Ratio's vary from colour to colour with an average of 70/30 paint to thinner.

Thin's with water for brush use.