AX-003 Dark Grime 30ml


Dark Grime is one of our best selling and most commonly used colours across all aspects of Star Wars model painting and costume painting. A very rich warm grey that is used on nearly all the ships as a panel and weathering colour. Dark Grime switches hue with different light sources and go from a warm grey to a cool grey. It's one of the best and most effective colours for streaking a dirt and misting grime over the surfaces of nearly all Star Wars model you can imagine.

More recently we discovered the colour to be one of the primary colours on the back of the ESB Fett helmet, this was long thought to be a concrete colour based on 90's Floquil paint but proved now to be a period specific Grime and when used creates the perfect hue for Fett. The ANH Falcon and Slave 1 wouldn't be the same with out it.

To be thinned with Archive-X AX-ATR thinner for airbrush use. Ratio's vary from colour to colour with an average of 70/30 paint to thinner. For base coating a studio scale X or Y wing we recommend just one jar.

Thin's with water for brush use.