Archive-X Y-Wing Paint Set (15 Bottles)


A broad selection of colours to cover most of the ILM Y-Wings made for the movies.

We recommend 1975 SP Daylight Red for the marking of Red Jammer.

AX-012 (W)

AX-011 (W)

AX-008 (PL, W)

AX-003 (W, M)

AX-009 (W)

AX-001 (BC)

AX-022 (PL)

AX-016 (PL, W)

AX-020 (PL, W)

AX-035 (PL)

AX-021 (PL)

AX-023 (W)

AX-014 (PL, W)

AX-005 (PL)

AX-036 (PL)