Archive-X Slave 1 (Firespray) Paint Set (15 Bottles)


Slave 1 is one of the most complicated and beautiful of all ILM models, after many years of study we believe the key is in the layering. To the eye the original studio model is much more grey than photographs show below we have added an image we took which we hope shows more closely how the model looks to the eye.

AX-001 (PL)

AX-011 (W)

AX-020 (PL, TL)

AX-003 (PL, M, TL)

AX-008 (PL, TL)

AX-039 (PL)

AX-027 (TL, PL)

AX-031 (PL)

AX-010 (PL, TL)

AX-032 (PL)

AX-033 (PL, BC)

AX-021 (PL, BC)

AX-006 (W)

AX-009 (W)

AX-029 (W)